Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Bux4Real sold (scam or legit)

Well, this site promised 500 sponsors and like 60x bux earnings at bux4real. It was an unreal promise yet a lot of people bought it. Stupid ptc monitors such as ptc-investigations gave "advices" to bux4real admin that he later followed. I bet this monitor even gave bux4real a positive review.
In the end, it all ended just like any other bux site would end. There were no sponsors, there was nothing special with this site and the pending payment time was very long. Always think twice before buying a promise such as 500 companies sponsor a ptc site... Also 6 ad links for standard members is a lot and is not possible to sustaine for longer than a few monthes.
The Best PTC Sites does not have a scam list, simply because it's pointless. Just a list of paying ptc sites. Some businesses get sold or close, it's reallity. It doesn't automaticly means that the site is a scam as soon as it's sold. I hope some of you share this view with me.
Here is the email from the admin of bux4real:"Dear partners,
I was wondering the best way to express myself about that, but I was not able to arrive at a conclusion.

I don't want to repeat again and again the same I always said.

I know who I am and what was my goal when I started Bux4Real. despite of my lack of knowledge about the Bux industry, I tried to bring a new approach, a new model. At first with Offers, and after that with real ads. Advices, even if not done directly, from experts as Jim Grago (Clixsense owner) and the PTCI Admin called my attention to a reality.

Along with a brave team, in two Months we were able to jump Bux4Real from ZERO to the world's TOP 1.7 website, with tens of thousands of daily unique visitors and millions of page views.

It's really a hard task to change a established industry.

Mostly when the great majority of members, partners as I prefer to call you all, are not able to understand or believe that it's possible to make a difference.

Above all, I'm a business man. That's what I do. I invest in websites, I own websites, I buy websites and, when needed, I also sell websites.

I went to my limit before take the decision I'm telling you all now. Tried all possible models and systems to fix my mistakes and also bring a new model of business to the Bux industry. And I don't think I failed. Despite of all huge problems we face everyday we were able to make a difference. And I mean we all here.

About three weeks ago I was approached to a company with a really interesting offer to buy BUx4Real.

After long reflections and to the benefit of all, including myself, I decided to sell Bux4Real. And that's what I did.

We have a NDA signed so I'm not allowed to give you all details, but this company belongs to entrepreneurs that will go ahead with Bux4Real and will keep some of the actual members. They will make changes, for sure, but the basics of our ideology, to find a real business model, will go ahead.

Bux4Real was sold to serious persons, and they will honor all previous payments. This was one of the most important conditions for me. So you all may rest assured that you will get paid.

I'm not aware of the model that will be implemented, but I can tell you that you will get faster payments and several changes. It'll be a smoothly transition and nobody has any reason to be worried.

From now on, I'll get back to my current business and new ventures that casetronyx may launch soon.

I'm deeply grateful to all of you,and if in the future I decide to get back to the Bux industry you can rest assured that you all will be the first ones to know.

I wish you all the best in life.

God Bless You All,

Tony Rocha - CEO
Casetronyx, Inc."

atWednesday, May 25, 2011

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