Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Best PTC Forums

So, a lot of you want to communicate and wounder if there are any communities or forums somewhere out there available for you. These communication tools are important to find out if some sites are not paying or if there are some problems with ptc sites. You can also exchange referrals (you join their sites and click in exchange of them doing the same for you).
Here are the sites I'm using to communite with other ptc members;
Mylot, here you can find a lot of ptc earners and even other kind of people. But they all want to earn money and post at this paid-to-post forum.
EarnMoneySpace or Emoneyspace, a great active forum with a lot of active members and site admins.
There are also some other ptc forums but less important. If you want to find more, just search "ptc forums" on google. But you will find a lot of inactive forums with very bad admins that can be easily manipulated.
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