Monday, October 24, 2011

Alexa difference between neobux and clixsense

Neobux has been leading in this paid to click industry for a very long time now. But lately it started to drop alexa slowly but surely. It's probably because of the last big updates that were not received friendly by the members. Some are still happy but some left neobux and probably the whole ptc earning scene. Neobux is still leading in alexa ranking but for how much more?
Neobux vs Clixsense
Clixsense on the other hand, had a successful restart and started to offer more ads for premium and standard members. It started to increase alexa ranking like never before. Even after decreasing referral earnings for premium members (not the first time), it still continued to be very popular. Will clixsense become the next leading paid to click site in popularity?
Wordlinx tried to copy clixsense and choose to have the mini ads worth $0.001. I asked the admins if there would be any mini ads but they were very unwilling. Already at that time I predicted that the sales of wordlinx would decrease greatly since clixsense and neobux were already offering cheaper traffic. At the last minute they introduced these mini ads with less value but it was already too late. They lost some advertisers and some members because of reduced amount of ads.
I myself started to earn much more at clicksia than at neobux/wordlinx and clixsense. I also started to promote incentria as it's the same kind of site as incentria with the same owner but another name and I suggest you doing the same! ;) Another site with similar ad values I could recommend is pplinx. Almost 3 years in business.

Alexa ranks:Neobux - 561Clixsense - 720Clicksia - 2,792Incentria - 3,364Wordlinx - 6,166

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